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Frequently Asked Questions

1. How to choose suitable mirror for your car?


First of all, you need to know what needs to be replaced. If your mirror was stolen, you will most likely need mirror with the backing plate, i.e. direct replacement mirror. This mirror needs to be clipped directly onto the mirror motor which is inside the mirror housing.

If your mirror was broken, you need to know if original backing plate (plastic frame of the mirror) is intact, or if it also needs replacing.
Supposing that the original backing plate was intact, it would be enough to buy stick-on mirror glass and fit it inside the plastic surround of the mirror glass what requires a little bit of DIY job. To fit mirror directly to back plate you will need to warm up the backing plate, as you will find mirror glass slightly bigger than plastic frame, it is because the mirror glass needs to go under the frame.
To help, you can use heat gun (hot water or hair dryer) to warm up backing plate which will make plastic soft enough to bend it and then allows to easily fix mirror glass inside.
Be careful, if you will force mirror glass into hard plastic it can break.
Of course, if you did not want to buy stick-on glass, we will also have direct replacement – clip on type mirrors for your car! Also, if the plastic of the mirror is broken, you would need to buy clip-on mirror glass.

We are here for you to help, if you need any advice, please do not hesitate to get in touch!

To fit direct replacement mirror glass (clip-on), all you would need to do is connect wires for the heating function(if original mirror is heated) and then clip mirror glass onto the mirror motor.


2. Which side of mirror you need?


Traffic in United Kingdom is Right Hand Drive, which means that steering wheel is on the right side of the car, therefore:

  • Driver’s side – Right side – Off Side
  • Passenger’s side – Left Side – Near Side – Kerb Side.

If your vehicle is not RHD or you are unsure which side of mirror you need, please remember that we are always here to help!

We stock 3 types of mirrors:

  • Flat - straight vision - 1:1 ratio (real vision)
  • Convex - wide angle view mirror - shows smaller objects than in reality
  • Aspheric (listed as wide angle) - wide angle vision mirror - mirror with vertical line - to eliminate blind spot.
3. How to fit window tint?
Window tint can only be fitted on an inside part of the window.
To fit window tint you need to:
1. Degrease windows
2. Cut film roughly to window size (a little bigger)
3. Remove protective film from tint - stick tape on both sides of corner and pull. Protective film is very thin so you may need to slightly sear the edge, it will help to tear it.
4. Apply tint with sticky side to the window using water.
5. Remove outstanding water and air.
6. Cut properly to window size.

This instruction applies to all type of window tints and sun visors.


4. How to fit chrome covers?


Chrome covers which we stock areonly decorative part. Chrome mirror covers do not replace the original, damaged covers!

To fit chrome covers you need to remove protective film from the double sided(self-adhesive) tape, and then stick them to the original mirror cover and/or door handles.


5. How do I know which light bulbs are suitable for my vehicle?


We stock several types of the light bulbs fitting. To make sure that correct part is sent, we would highly recommend to check your car manual for the type of fitting element of your original light bulbs.


6. What happens if the part I ordered doesn't fit my vehicle?


If in any reason you received unsuitable part, please contact us right away. We will most likely ask you to confirm exact model and year of your car, and to send us a picture of the part which you received and of the original one you are replacing. This would help us to investigate it and replace your part right away.


7. What happens if I received faulty and/or damaged part?


If your item arrives faulty or damaged, please send us an email with attached picture of the part which you received and confirm if you would like us to replace it for you or if the refund would be preferable.


8. What happens if the delivery takes longer than usual?


If you item has not arrivied within the ETA, please let us know as there migth be some problems with your shipments.

All of the items, apart form Boot Mats and Wind Deflectors are send by the First Class Royal Mail. Items sent by the First Class are usually delivered wihtin 2-3 working days, however, we are unable to guarantee that as it depends on the postal services. 

Items sent by the courier delivery are delivered within 24 hours. 


9. How to fit wind deflectors?


Wind deflectors which we stock are stick-on type, not channel-in. To fit them you need to clear door frame and stick deflectors to it. 


10. What to do if you would like to buy a mirror but it is not listed in our shop?


If you cannot find a mirror suitable for your vehicle, please contact us. We have mirrors for most of the car models eventhough you cannot find it listed in the shop.

If you would like to purchase a mirror and we do not stock it, we would be able to offer you a special custom order from the manufacturer. To make a custom order we would need an original template, it might be broken mirror (if it is in one piece) or original backing plate (plastic frame). It would take approx 2 weeks before we receive mirror back from the manufacturer. 


11. I received a faulty item?


We’re really sorry about that, please contact us we will make sure that you will not be left without appropriate solution.

We would be happy to either replace the product or fully refund the purchase for you. Sometimes we will ask for photos of the products it is for our references and to make sure that this situation does not happy again. 


12. I received an incorrect item?


We’re really sorry about that, please contact us we will make sure that we resolve it for you quickly and efficiently.

We would be happy to either resend correct product or fully refund your purchase.. Sometimes we will ask for photos of the products it is for our references and to make sure that this situation does not happy again.


Please allow up to 5 days for your parcel to reach us – we’ll send you an email to let you know when we’ve got it. If you cannot wait please provide proof of postage and you refund we will made promptly

Depending on your card issuer, it can then take up to 10 days for the refund to show on your account.

If you request is to exchanged the product you will receive notification from us that it was done and new exchanged item is on it's way to you.


13. When will I receive my refund?


As soon as your parcel reaches us, we’ll send you an email and complete your refund.

Depending on your card issuer, it can then take up to 5-10 days for the refund to show on your account.


If you live close to us, you can drop the products to our warehouse and you will receive refund or your product will be exchanged instantly.