One might think purchasing a new mirror for your car is easy… It is, but you need to take a few things under consideration while looking for one that you want to use! 

What else you need to know except you car Make, Model and Year?

Hopefully this article will help you with choosing the right one even if you’re looking for a left one. 

And that’s Step one – choosing the correct side.

In our listings we always describe sides of mirrors as if you were sitting in the car or standing behind it. So for Right Hand Drive cars, the Right, Driver side side mirror will be on the Right and the Passenger side, left mirror on the left

Step two – type of mirror replacements.

We offer two types of mirror replacements: stick-on and clip-on mirrors

Stick-on mirrors are just the glass with an adhesive tape provided with it. You can use them to replace cracked or damaged mirrors that still have the backing plate intact. 

Clip-on mirrors are complete mirrors (do not confuse them with whole mirror units) with the glass and backing plate. You can use these if you want to replace a missing mirror or one where the backing plate was also badly damaged.

Step three – is optional

Next thing to check is whether you require a heated or a not heated mirror. Although both of them will fit, some cars offer the heating mirrors function and some do not. Please note that heated wing door mirror replacement will fit originally heated mirrors as well as fit to not originally heated mirrors.

Step four – preferences for the view

Last thing you can decide on is the curvature of the glass itself. 
There are Convex mirrors and Wide-angle (*aspherical mirrors with blind spot section) ones.
Both provide a clear and broad view of what’s behind the car, but the wide-angle mirrors have a wider view to capture whatever is almost on the side of the vehicle. Wide-angle mirror glass is usually on the driver side. You will recognize wide-angle mirrors by the line that separates the convex part from the blind spot part of the glass. 

What if …

That’s all good but I have an “auto-dimming” (or anti-dazzle) mirror. Unfortunately, we do not offer those as these mirrors yet. Usually those mirrors have the same clip on the back but using replacement you will lose auto-dimm function.

On our website is variety of options finding correct product but we are suggesting to use product finder where all you need is to provide Make, Model and year of your car. Please check our shop page.

When choosing replacement mirror glass please pay attention to description as well photos provided in product listing. It’s better to look and check twice at your own mirror and at the listing photo.

If you’ll not find a mirror for your car in our shop, we can try and manufacture one for you. Reach out to our staff for a guide on how to provide us with a sample and we will then let you know if we can manufacture one like that for you. 

In case of any issues or questions reach out to our Customer Support we will do our best to resolve and help you.